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Stock Number: Description: Serial
Notes: Arrival Date: Photo
AC18-01 Loader Boom For Cat 966      
AC18-03 Cat Boom For 944A/950      
AC18-04 Cat Boom Fits Cat 966      
AC18-05 Cat Boom Fits 966      
AC18-06 Cat Boom For 950      
AC18-07 Cat Boom 980C      
AC18-08 Cat Boom 988B      
AC18-09 Cat Boom 980C      
AC18-10 Cat Boom For 950      
AC18-12 Cat IT Material Handling Arm   Jib Crane, Fits #970    
AC18-13 Craig 950B Material Handlg Arm   Jib Crane (Bateman Manufacture    
AC18-18 Boom For 225 Cat Excavator      
AC18-19 Boom For 225 Cat Excavator      
ACK18-0016 Caterpillar 245B Boom       Cat 245B Boom
ACK18-0017 Caterpillar 245B Stick       ACK18-0017 000000000000000001
Stock Number: Description: Serial Number: Notes: Arrival Date:
AC18-20 Boom For RH9LC      
AC18-21 Paralift Boom For 966C      
AC18-22 Boom Stick & Sowhead For 227      
AC18-25 Boom For Hough 100      
AC18-26 Boom For Hough 120      
AC18-27 Boom For Michigan 380      
AC18-28 Boom & Stick For Drott 40      
AC18-29 Boom For Cat 245B      
AC18-30 Boom For 980C      
AC18-31 Boom Case Wheel Loader W26B      
AC18-32 Stick & Boom For Drott 40      
AC18-33 Boom & Stick For D7 17A      
AC18-34 Front Boom For JD410      
AC18-35 Boom To Fit JD350      
AC18-37 Boom To Fit Hough 30      
AC18-39 Pettibone Super 20 Boom      
AC18-40 Cat 225 Stick   10' Pin-Pin  
AC18-41 Cat 235B     Boom 1FD00254 9U3952  
AC18-42 Cat 235B Stick P/N 8V2318 1FD00254 12' Pin-Pin  
AC18-43 Cat 235 Stick No S/N 8' Pin-Pin

P/N 7V0772

ACK18-0015 CAT 245B   ADD A STICK 20'   20160704 165305
AC18-70 Cat 345B       Caterpillar 345B Stick
Stock Number: Description: Serial Number: Notes: Arrival Date:  
AC18-48 John Deere 544A 00158CD 93" O.A.L.  
AC18-56 Cat E120-B 6JF0350    
AC18-57 Cat E120-B 6JF0350    
AC18-58 Cat  980C N/A 122" Pin -Pin  
AC18-59 Cat  966D 99Y3767 Grapple Boom  
AC18-60 JD 444 350400T Needs Paint  
AC18-62 Case W26B 9107564 Straight Boom Needs Paint  
AC18-63 JD 544B 242932T Straight Boom Needs Paint  
AC18-65 Fiat-Allis FR20B 500709 Good Condition  
AC18-66 Cat 980C   Fair Condition  
AC18-67 Cat 330 B 6DR Very Good Cond.  
AC18-68 Cat 330 B 5YM Very Good Cond.  
AC18-69 Cat 980G P/N 1157044 Very Nice  


Cat 420E IT

Pedestal Mounted Stick and Boom

No Hydraulics



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