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Atlas Copco - BUT 35 Boom

Telephone: +1-705-566-8190
Fax: +1-705-566-6680

Manufacturer: Atlas Copco - Epiroc
Asset Number: AD18-0008

Atlas Copco

BUT35H Boom Assembly with Atlas Copco BMH6816 Feed Assembly

Fits Atlas Copco M2D, M2C , Atlas Copco L2D, L2C, Atlas Copco L3C

16' Steel, 20'7" Long

Overall Dimensions

5'9" High X 26' Long X 4'10" Wide

No Drill

3125306281 BOOM ATTACHMENT X1 AD18-0008
3128280043 BOOM LINK X1 AD18-0008
3128280003 CYLINDER LINK X2 AD18-0008
9121704502 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER X2 AD18-0008
3125487396 TELESCOPIC SET X1 AD18-0008
3128027501 CYLINDER GUARD X1 AD18-0008
3128027502 CYLINDER GUARD X1 AD18-0008
3128307033 BOOM BODY X1 AD18-0008
3128026900 CYLINDER GUARD X1 AD18-0008
3128307049 BOOM BEAM X1 AD18-0008
9121701702 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER X2 AD18-0008
3125485582 BOOM ATTACHMENT X1 AD18-0008
3128280005 LINK X1 AD18-0008
3128280007 LINK X2 AD18-0008
3128309843 ROTATION UNIT X1 AD18-0008
3128304518 FEED HOLDER X1 AD18-0008
9121709302 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER X1 AD18-0008
3128313960 FEED ASSY X1 AD18-0008

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